Tyga and Molly O’Malia
In case you haven’t heard, Kylie Jenner’s rapper
boyfriend Tyga , has been caught ‘sliding’ into the DM
of a 14 year-old girl.


Molly O’Malia
Never mind how sexual that sounds, the real story
is that the rapper who has been flirting with Molly
O’Malia (14) on social media, has been
exposed. His defence? He didn’t know she was
underage, although she claims otherwise.
And judging by her photo, who can really blame
him…No reasonable 14 year-old looks like that!


Molly on the right
So since ‘innocent’ guys can no longer rely
strictly on looks to decipher how old a girl is, we
are going to share 5 other ways through which
you can spot underage girls to avoid being
caught in the trap of destiny destroyers. Amen?
1. LOLs
You can know a girl is underaged by how often
she uses abbreviated texts e.g LOL, ROTFL,
OOMF, STFU, etc. and emojis. Any girl who
cannot text you a sentence without using either
abbreviated text or an emoji is definitely
2. Attention
Any girl that is overly needy is definitely
underaged. RUN!
3. Time Spent Online
If you meet a girl and she’s online 24/7/365
days a year, she most definitely is underage. A
grown woman will definitely be too busy to
spare all that time for Instagram.
4. They Never Walk Alone
Just like Liverpool FC, these girls never walk
alone. They move in twos, threes or hundreds.
No quiet or alone time for these little girls…
5. Trivia
All you need to do is ask her a basic question
that only an 18+ girl would know e.g Do you
know the Remedies?
These basic tricks will definitely help you spot
any underaged daughter of Jezebel that will try
to get you into trouble.
-Adeyemi Falade

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