REVEALED: Lola Omotayo’s Role In Psquare Break-up Saga


the boat
of the
for some
now is
subsiding due to the recent updated information
gathered from the IG pages of the twin brothers.
While the crisis lingers, different calls were placed to
celebrity’s closest allies and business moguls in the
country to wade into the affair and call the duo to
order, but most importantly, calls were made to the
Okoye’s wives to use their women power and broker
peace between the brothers. It’s however surprising
that majority of the calls were channeled towards one
particular wife believed to have been the genesis of the


It will be recalled that there were speculations that the
Okoye’s Dynasty were against the solemnization of
Peter and Lola Omotayo due to two obvious reasons
which are: Tribal identity and age difference between
the two love birds, it was on these basis that chatterers
who claimed to be loyal fans of the Psquare brand
invaded Lola’s IG to throw shades at her accusing her
to be a witch who want to separate the once united
Celeb Police agent investigated the IG page of the
Okoye’s wives {Lola, Anita and Ifeoma) and it was
discovered that Lola’s pictures which she posted with
the caption “If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put
up with the rain” attracted the highest reactions of
about 229 comments, majority of which were insults at
the mother of two.
See comments below
chriswizzo said: “@lolaomotayo you are the cause of
this psquare split. Their mom hated you, now the world
knows why. Wicked yoruba woman. #witch”
wusaibaby: “You are here posting picture and your
family is falling apart. Please, dear for the sake of God
try and talk to your husband let him make up with his
brother. You are his wife and I think he listens to you.
Please, dear.”
With all the comments above, one will want to wonder
if Lola is the only woman caught up in the whole mess
or the fans were just being mischievous, stereotyped
and sentimental by their deliberate refusal to drag the
other two wives, one of which is married to the eldest
brother doubling as their manager (Jude) into the
In an attempt to confirm the roles the wives played
during the crisis, a source closed to the wife of Peter
Okoye revealed to Celeb Police agents on condition of
anonymity that ever since the break-up saga hit the
internet, Lola had been prevailing on Peter to settle with
his brothers and allow peace to reign.
The source said; “There was a day that she had to
plead with Peter to go clear the air about not having
any issue with his brothers but with management
“People especially the fans don’t usually help matters,
most them go on social media to make wrong
speculations about her personality, Lola cares a lot
about her family especially the extended ones and will
do anything to see sanctity and peace between the
warring brothers especially for her image sake”
The source who maintained that the misunderstanding
will be settled without resulting to break up affirmed
that the rift has no bearing on the kind of relationships
that exist between the wives. She further added “the
wives are still in contact with each other, but I can only
speak of the person I know which is Lola, she holds no
grudges against anybody, and I also believe that the
others wives must have contributed a great deal to
ensure that the brothers don’t break up”.
It will be recalled that early Saturday, the twins settled
their fight on IG and has decided to continue with the
brand name Psquare but under different managements.
This is a sigh of relieve to the fans who have been
waiting for such news.
However, no matter how minute the input is, one
cannot take away contributions of these wives,
especially Lola who is often labeled as the cause
behind any signal of misunderstanding among the


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