BIG SHAME:As ​Edo State Lawmakers Wrestles Fiercely to remove Speaker

We brought you reports yesterday that The speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly, Justin Okonoboh, has been impeached by lawmakers at the Assembly on Monday in Benin City, the state capital.

In a video clip that has gone viral on the Internet, lawmakers of the Edo state were seen wrestling vigorously in a free for all fight.

According to reports, 19 members of the state House of Assembly impeached the Speaker of the House, Mr Justin Okonoboh, his deputy, Mrs Elizabeth Atvie and the Majority Leader of the House, Folly Ogedengbe for alleged abuse of office.

The lawmakers accused the Speaker of abuse of office, illegal award of contract and high handedness.

The lawmakers consequently elected the former Chief whip of the House, Mr Kabiru Adjoto, representing Akoko Edo constituency 1 as the new Speaker, Victor Edoror (Esan Central) was elected Deputy Speaker while Rolland Asoro (Orhiomwon South) was elected Majority Leader.

As it is now, the political tripod of the state has changed as Edo North now has the Speaker, Central district the Deputy while Edo South where Governor Obaseki hails from now has the Majority Speaker position.

​Venezuela’s currency is so worthless that people don’t count it but weight it

The Inflation rate in Venezuela is predictable to be 720 % this year, with the biggest Bolivar bank note now to be valued at just US5 cents on the black market. Few shop cashiers reported that they have started weighing rather than counting the pack of cash which consumers offer to them, and normal size purse have become useless in the South American regions. Many citizens now carry a large amount of cash in handbags, money belts, or backpacks instead of wallets. The scene shows hyperinflation and its effects.

In 2014, the dropping international oil prices destroyed the economy of Venezuela. To fix the issue, President Nicolás Maduro reacted by altering the currency exchange rate and ordered banks to produce more money, which eventually undervalued the cash, while goods prices rose. Jesus Casique, a consulting company executive, told the news site that even this method of weighing cash was not very common everywhere, it was an indication of a monetary disaster. He said that when we start weighing cash instead of counting it shows the rise in inflation. It is worst that Venezuelans don’t realize how terrible it is because the authorities do not announce the facts and figures.

Humberto Gonzalez, who runs a meat and cheese selling shop in the city, said that he uses similar scales to weigh and assess pieces of salty white cheese and the tons of bills which consumers handed over to him. Mr. Gonzalez told Bloomberg that it is a very sad thing and at this point, he believes that the cheese values more. Oil accounts for an amazing 95% of the Venezuela’s exports, and one-fourth of the country’s economy, with the generated revenues fulfilling approximately half the government’s budget. This kind of dependency on only a single export discourages all the other businesses in the country and this is known by economists as Dutch Disease.

When the price of oil in the universal market distorted in 2014 by two-third, Venezuela had nothing much for its backup. So, an ordinary response would have been for the Bolivar to fall. But Mr. Maduro, who died in 2013, as a substitute attempted to alter the exchange rate, generating a gigantic black market for money. Buying dollars and selling them for Bolivars set a feedback loop which increases inflation. The 42-year-old owner of a small newspaper kiosk told that he gently fills a plastic bag with his daily income, approximately 100,000 Bolivar (around £42) in notes of 10, 20, 50 and 100 Bolivars. Venezuela has one of the highest crime rates and he is afraid to lose his money while carrying to another place.

The ATM machines need to be refilled every 4 hours. The value of money dropped to the ground. Bremmer Rodrigues, the owner of a bakery, said that it is difficult to manage his daily hundreds of bills. He hides the cash in his office, stacks in cartons to carry it to the bank. He said if anyone sees him like this, he might be misguided for a drug trader.

​Kenyan women will cross the Sahara to marry Nigerian men

Move along Nigerian women! Kenya women are ready to take the very men you call scum off you.
In a very enlightening post that surfaced online, a Kenyan woman has listed the reasons Nairobi women admire Nigerian men and they are quite interesting!
According to Cate Mukei, Nairobi women love Nigerian men so much that they would walk through Sahara desert without water and food just to get one.
“Some even go to an extent of praying about on to their pastors or signing up to online platforms where they hope to find ogas. Naija brodas on the other hand seem to have mastered some of the weird reasons why our women love them and have perfected them.
Below are some of the reasons Nairobi women admire Naija brodas:
1. Visa holders

Mogaka you can keep your Nyamira Express bus ticket we are flying to Lagos. Kenyan women naturally love visa holders. In fact they love anybody who was born beyond Eastern Africa. This is a free ticket to flying out of their country, taking selfies and filling our social media timelines in the name of having traveled ‘abroad’.
2. Hyped lies

Ironically most ladies actually know when Olamide is lying but they still choose to stick with him. they probably hope that one day his lies will translate to all those riches and travel plans he has been talking about.
3. Flashy

Chinedu owns a suit imported from Giorgio Armani headquarters in Italy although he lives in a Sh.15000 servants Quarter in Lavington. But who really cares about his two sufurias when he can show up in a chopper in your village. Omusakhulu on the other hand only owns one three buttoned oversize suit.
4. Talking big

Ikwechuku will promise you heaven and earth but hardly delivers and the ladies know it too. However, there is always that urge to hold on hoping that one day he will keep his word. Then again he is much better than Kamau who doesn’t even talk about prospects of buying a bicycle.
5. Some are loaded

Not every Nigerian man is a poser. Some of them actually have real jobs, real money and outlined ambitions. Who would choose a broke Kenyan man over a loaded Naija broda?
6. Carrot and stick tactics

Naija men can really treat a lady when they have the money but if you are planning to get on a long term plan with Obiajulu just be sure that you will pay for it at some point. A Nigerian man can pay your rent for a whole year but he will expect you to hold forte when things are thick.
7. Promise to take them to Nigeria

If the furthest a woman has traveled in her lifetime is Mombasa, to finally set foot in Lagos, a city she has been watching on Naija movies is a dream come true. Flying out to visit in-laws in Port Harcourt is gisty compared to taking a matatu to Gaichanjiru.
8. They have time

Time automatically translates to attention and that’s why they will notice that your tiny toe finger polish has chipped off. They are the same men who accompany their women to salons and wait for them to get their Peruvian weaves attached on their otherwise scanty natural hair. A Kenyan man doesn’t even know his wife’s best friend because he is rarely with her and when he is he automatically switches off because his woman is a nag.
9. Random gifts

A Naija broda can buy you a Range Rover mid January. Although you might have to sell it some time in future for survival purposes, you must admit that he actually tried.A Kenyan man will only get you a gift when they cheat on you.
10. Bravado

These are the same men who can fly to Europe without a shilling and still survive without being arrested. Women love the dash of danger which makes them imagine how adventurous they can get in bed. Kenyan men on the other hand can’t even go to shopping malls anymore because they are afraid of Alshabaab.

Man With ‘World’s Longest Manhood” Says Women Are Scared To Sleep With Him | PHOTOs


A man who claims he has the world’s largest penis
says women are too scared to have sex with him.
Super-endowed Roberto Esquivel Cabrera also claims
his manhood is actually a disability that leaves him
unable to work.Not only that, but the 52-year-old’s
18.9in member is so long that ladies are afraid of it.
The member hangs well below his knees and he wants
his ‘gift’ to be recognised by the Guinness Book of
world Records. Cabrera has approached health services
to support his claim he is disabled.
He said:
“Look where it is, it goes far below the knees.I cannot
do anything, I cannot work, and I am a disabled so I
want authorities to declare me as a disabled person and
give me support.Then, I want to go to the Guinness to
get recognition.”
And doctors at a health centre in the city of Saltillo, in
the north-eastern Mexican state of Coahuila, have
confirmed that “according to the scan” in 3D, it is
A doctor there said the main part of his willy was just
over 6 inches long and the rest was extra skin.
Medical experts suggest troubled Cabrera might be able
to opt for a voluntary modification of his anatomy and
have a shaft reduction operation.
He was deported from the USA to Saltillo in 2011 and
lives alone in a room given to him by his brothers.


He survives on social assistance and scavenges for food
and materials on waste dumps.
He has no friends and wherever he goes he says people
shun him.

Miley Cyrus Shares Toilet Selfie Of Her Wearing Drake Print Shirt


Miley Cyrus shared a toilet selfie via her instagram page
on Friday night, while showing off her Drake -print outfit
and blue lipstick.
She captioned the picture “# PeePeeBlueLip”
The singer also shared another close-up shot of just her
lips and her top, writing: ‘ When yoooo lipzzzz match
Drake !!!!’.