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Abiola Abdul Rahman popularly known as Y.Liikar Of ToxicBeatz, Grew up in Ogba,ikeja. A Nigerian who started is Musical Carrier at a tender age. He was influence by his Elder brothers Idris Abdulrahman(SMDASE) Femi Adepoju(SO SLIM) *RIP*And Babatunde yusuf shoderu.(YUBASE). In Year 2004 he started making hits amongst his peer Group, and started working with popular producers in the music industry. He waited for sometime to finish secondary school. Before he could fully pursue his Musical career.

In 2009/2010 he recorded his first single title “No time” featuring Yubase. in 2011 he was featured in up to 7 tracks by international Artiste like Zumba, Mafikulu from south Africa and the likes.

In 2012/2013, He started a Movement Called “ToxicBeatz” Now standing as a Record label. Y.liikar has thrown down many hit with his member Crew like “Mr Casual And Sammy. Making up #TeamToxicBeat. Now the successfull young Pop Singer and Rapper, He is now looking forward to make a huge Wave In the Nigerian Music industry with his Team.

Arsenal set to break £51m record to get Suarez

Widespread report says Arsene Wenger is set to break the
British transfer record by offering £51m to secure the signature
of Liverpool’s Luiz Suarez. Luiz Suarez has been the Gunners’
top target eversince Arsenal lost Gonzalo Higuain to Napoli.
We have all seen Arsenal’s bids rejected by Liverpool in the
past few days as Liverpool coach, Brendan Rodgers and
Liverpool owner, John W. Henry are not ready to sell out their
striker especially to a rival club. Reports from ESPN says
Wenger is set to break the British record by offering a
whooping £51m for Luiz Suarez. If Wenger actually makes this
move, then this amount should be okay enough for Liverpool
to sell out their talented Uruguayan International.

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A human rights group has launched an investigation into the
alleged deportation and dumping of 67 Igbos by the Lagos
State Government, which reportedly dumped them in the famed
commercial town of Onitsha, Anambra State, in the wee hours
of Wednesday, July 24. In a message posted on its website
yesterday, Due Process Advocates (DPA) sought information
about the incident that would enable its lawyers to launch a suit
against the Lagos State Government over the issue. The
message goes as follows: “URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT:
member o DPA in Asaba, Onitsha or Awka with any
information on those 70 persons that were reported to have
been deported from Lagos State to Onitsha should kindly
contact DPA. “Also any member in that area who could help
obtain information should please help. We are looking for the
following basic information: “(a) Name and phone number of
any of the deportees. “(b) Name and phone number of any
relative of any deportee. “(c) Name and phone number of any
eyewitness to the arrival, dropping off, picking up, handling
and shipment of any deportees from Lagos to Anambara State
recently. “(d) Name and number of any government official or
NGO involved in this mater or who bas been reported to have
made a public statement on the matter. “Your help is needed for
the lawyers to be able to do something about the problem.”
DPA, which has over 6,000 members, is known for
intervening in cases involving under-privileged people,
including defending them in court. According to reports, the
Lagos State Government has come under heavy criticism from
various groups for the alleged deportation of of Igbos for the
second time in a year in brazen contravention of the Nigerian

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Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State recently rescued a
22-year old vulcanizer, Akin Abayomi, who was found stark
naked at Tafawa Balewa Square, TBS, Marina, Lagos,
southwest Nigeria, around 12 midnight.
Akin Abayomi
Abayomi was found naked in the middle of the road when the
governor was driving by with his convoy and thinking he was
a mad man, Fashola ordered his security aides to pick him up
for rehabilitation.
The man was taken to the State House, Marina where he was
housed for the night before the governor sent for the Special
Adviser on Youth and Social Development, Dr. Dolapo Badru
to rehabilitate him.
Abayomi confessed that he was not a mad man, but that he
stripped himself in the middle of the night on the road because
he wanted to curse the person who stole his cell phone and his
He said he visited a herbalist in his quest for revenge against
the person who stole his cell phone and money and was
instructed to carry out the act in order to curse his enemy,
which was why he was naked in the middle of the night.
According to Badru, the man said he was never mad and that
he was an apprentice and that his phone and money were stolen
by somebody.
“After I picked him up from the State House, he said he was
not a mad man, but says he drinks and smokes marijuana and
that he is an apprentice in a vulcanizing workshop.
He said he bought a phone and that somebody stole the phone.
After we investigated for two weeks to know his family, we
realised that the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, an arm of the
Holy Cross Cathedral, is also interested in rehabilitating him,”
he explained.
Badru disclosed that the governor released N100,000 to
Abayomi to start up his own vulcanizing business as well as
bought him a phone and asked the church to monitor his
He said the governor has really changed his life, saying that if
Fashola had not picked him up, he would not have completed
his apprenticeship training to become a successful vulcaniser.

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UK Visa: Nigerians Begin Payment Of £3,000 Bond November

Outcry against its £3,000 tourists visa bond notwithstanding,
Britain will commence the scheme in the six listed
Commonwealth countries in November,Financial Times report
quoted the Home Office as saying.
The Commonwealth countries to be affected by the policy which
was announced in June are Nigeria, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka,
Pakistan and Bangladesh.
The affected countries are considered to be source of “high risk”
tourists to the UK.
Some visitors from the six countries, under the scheme, will be
asked to pay a £3,000 cash bond in return for visitor visas that
allow them to stay in the UK for up to six months.
According to official data, these six countries accounted for
more than half a million visa applications in 2012.
There have been outpours of anger by governments of the
affected countries, especially Nigeria and India against the
A protest in India last month forced the British Prime Minister
David Cameron to declare that final decision had not been taken
on the policy, while the Nigerian government asked Britain to
renounce the scheme.
The Federal Government, through the Foreign Affairs minister,
Olugbenga Ashiru, had in June expressed “the strong
displeasure of the government and people of Nigeria” over the
“discriminatory” policy.
Ashiru warned British High Commissioner Andrew Pocock at a
meeting in the minister’s office in Abuja, barely 24 hours after
the policy was announced, that the move would “definitely
negate” the two country’s commitment to double trade by 2014.
The minister told the British diplomat that Nigeria, Africa’s
most populous nation, had “a responsibility to take appropriate
measures to protect the interest of Nigerians who may be
affected by the proposed policy, if finally introduced.”
The British High Commission in Nigeria after the meeting
issued a statement quoting Pocock as saying that his
government planned to undertake “a very small scale trial of the
use of financial bonds as a way of tackling abuse in the
immigration system (which occurs when some people overstay
their visa terms).”
He said that the details of the pilot scheme were still being
worked out and if it goes ahead in Nigeria, it would affect only a
very small number of the “highest risk” visitors.
“The vast majority would not be required to pay a bond. Those
paying bonds would receive the bond back, if they abided by the
terms of their visa,” he said.
More than 180, 000 Nigerians apply to visit Britain each year
and about 70 percent or around 125, 000 of these applicants are
successful, he said.
A Home Office official said the six countries highlighted were
those with “the most significant risk of abuse”
The Home Office said on Friday that only individuals deemed
“high-risk” would be asked to pay the bond. But some officials
admits that the mere mention of a bond would be enough to
deter visitors.
“In the long run, we are interested in a system of bonds that
deters overstaying and recovers costs if a foreign national has
used our public services,” an unnamed Home Office official
Ashiru said on Sunday that the UK embassy had not
communicated to his office the plan to commence the bond
““They have not communicated with me,” the minister said
when The PUNCH sought his reaction to the latest
In the UK, luxury goods retailers have denounced the plan as an
“insulting deterrent” to wealthy tourists, which will hit sales and
damage London’s reputation.
They are urging the government to drop the pilot, saying the
restrictions will damage their business if Commonwealth
tourists – particularly Nigerians, now the sixth biggest spenders
on luxury goods in the UK – are put off.
“It’s embarrassing that our country would consider these
measures against visitors who spend so much in our stores,”
Managing Director of Harrods, Michael Ward, said .
“There seems to be a deeply frustrating attitude in Westminster
that they should do whatever they can to actively prevent people
coming to the UK,” Ward added.
Harrods is reputed to be the biggest department store in Europe,
occupying a five-acre site in the royal precinct in London.

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