How To Identify Fake USB Devices/Cords


USB (Universal Serial Bus) is considered a very
simple and flexible way of connection between
personal computer and other electronic devices.
However, USB can malfunction if you are not using
the quality type. There will always be partial contact
when using fake USB , thereby delaying your job
which is very annoying.
Today, i want to share with you, a very simple way
of identifying a fake USB . Its as simple as ABC. Get
your USB , check the two holes that reveals the bus/
contact. If the conductor there is Golden colour, it
means its copper which is original. Copper has high
conductivity than aluminium, copper also has
relatively high tensile strength (the greatest stress a
substance can bear without tearing apart).
Now to identify a fake USB , check the two holes
again, if its silver colour, it means its aluminium,
which is fake. Although aluminum has only about 60
percent of the conductivity of copper, but the tensile
strength is very low( which tears apart when
subjected to stress) Which makes your USB to to
fluctuate. If you are using this type of USB , you will
be experiencing partial contact. Most universal
modems in Nigeria market today are made with this
aluminium contact, because aluminium is cheaper
than copper, and the manufacturers/ importers make
more money from such.
The photo below clearly shows the two holes that
reveals the bus/contact. The bus used for the USB is
made with copper, that is why its golden in colour.


Kanye West, Timbaland Duo named as musicians who rely on technology to create their sounds

A new article reveals that the duo are hugely dependent
on evolving technology to make amazing music.


Kanye West and Timbaland have been fingered as
producers who rely chiefly on technology to create their
An article by reveals that the duo
are hugely dependent on evolving technology to make
amazing music.
The new list cites Timbaland as “inarguably one of the
greatest producers of our time.”
Timbaland and Kanye West are among the artists
included in’s list of ‘Musicians Who
Rely On Technology To Create Their Sounds.’
“Super-producer Timothy ‘Timbaland’ Mosley is
inarguably one of the greatest producers of our time,”
the article says of the Virginia
Beach, Virginia producer.
“His monolithic discography includes everyone from
Madonna and Gwen Stefani to Jay Z and Beyonce.
Having a strong repertoire of beat-box and self-made
sounds, Timbaland changed the game when he broke
down a baby’s cry from the band Perrey and Kingsley’s
song ‘Countdown at 6’ and reconstructed it as the main
beat for Aaliyah’s 1996 hit ‘Are You That Somebody.'”
As for Kanye West, the story says that “he’s made an
indelible mark on the industry with his genius-level use
of sampling in some of his most successful songs.”

Durex presents new Smartphone Technology that can improve your Love Life

After a week of global speculation, Durex has revealed
the hugely anticipated smartphone technology that
could change our sex lives forever. And it’s the off
The world’s leading sexual well-being brand sparked
mass speculation on March 3rd by teasing an imminent
technological breakthrough in partnership with Siren
Mobile to improve people’s sex lives around the world.
Hundreds of thousands of people visited the ‘Durexlabs’
website to find out more, with excitement amplified by
global media and social networks.
But in a moving and enlightening video released
yesterday (, couples
who volunteered to test the technology,eager to give
their love lives an uplift,were surprised to learn the
answer lay in a simple switch that had been right in
front of them all along – the offbutton.
The video, which has received 765,025views in its first
24 hours, follows some of these beta testers on their
emotional journey, highlighting the serious issue that we
are becoming enslaved to technology. It has been
released alongside a study by Durham University
commissioned by Durex, which reveals that pervasive
use of technology in relationships is seriously impacting
how often we have sex, even cutting intercourse short
and causing tensions in relationships.
Researchers from Durham’s Centre for Sex, Gender and
Sexualities revealed that 40% of those interviewed have
delayed sex because of technology, largely smart
phones and tablets, with others reported hurrying
sexual activity in order to respond to
messages.Moreover, a third of the couples interviewed
admitted to interrupting sex to answer their phone.
One participant said:“ Sometimes I’ll be on Facebook
and he’ll be on a sporting app while we are both in bed;
we realise that we are literally sitting in bed together,
but living in different worlds.”
Ukonwa Ojo, Head of Global Brand Equity at Durex:
“With technology playing such a pivotal role in our
personal lives and relationships, we set out to explore
how it could be utilised in a positive way to enhance
our sex lives, but in doing so we discovered the most
effective answer was the simplest. After consulting
countless experts, academic research and endless
qualitative interviews, the solution turned out to be a
simple one – we should disconnect to reconnect.
“We are encouraged by the response to the campaign
and film, particularly as we approach Earth Hour. We
hope it will go some way to reconnect couples that
have let technology compromise their connection with
each other.”
Susie Lee, the app entrepreneur and CEO of Siren
Mobile, has been a central part of the project’s
implementation. Lee said: “Of course, tech can never
really replace human interaction. True chemistry comes
from intimacy. “So whilst we need our tech – ithas
enhanced our lives, enabling us to reconnect with old
friends, reach wider social groups and meet new people
– weneed to recognize the times and places when
social networking doesn’t enrich our experience. We
really need to learn to focus on each other in the
bedroom, rather than on our smartphones or tablets.”
Dr. Mark McCormack, Co-Director of the Centre for Sex,
Gender and Sexualities at Durham University,
comments : “Technology has revolutionised our lives and
smart phones are now central to the organisation of
romantic relationships, from establishing them to
maintaining love and affection when couples are apart.”
“What this research reveals and the point the video
makes is that technology now consumes our
relationships at a much deeper level. It’s made its way
into the bedroom in more ways than we imagined, often
with benefits, but also coming with potentially serious
costs to relationships, as it can cause frustration and
tension, and encroach on sexual activity.”
Watch the video here:
The research, conducted by Durex in association with
Durham University, can be found here: http://
“When the first iphone was purchased by him I used to
call it the third person in our marriage and I hated her
with a passion, she used to sit between us, and I really
disliked her… it has become a third arm for a lot of
“Sometimes I’ll be on Facebook and he’ll be on a
sporting app while we are both in bed; we realise that
we are literally sitting in bed together, but living in
different worlds.”
“I may want sex and he might not be aware of that,
because he’s distracted on his phone”
“In the last few months, I’ve tried to have a ban on her
using her phone in the bedroom….. We’re now trying to
use the bedroom for just sleeping and sex.”
“She loves her technology I’m not going to lie, she loves
her phone. Sometimes it does feel like it’s a relationship
with her and her phone, she loves her phone and she’s
never really away from it”
” I’ve not delayed sex, I’ve faked an orgasm to speed it
up to get back to work.”
40% (12 of 30) have delayed sex because of
technology (most phones, but a couple tablets/laptops)
A third (10 of 30) participants have answered their
phone during sex

How To Detect If There Is Hidden Camera Planted In A Room

When you stay in an hotel, how do you know
there is no room pinhole camera ?
When you travel or take a business trip, and stay
in a hotel or a guest house or room you could
unknowingly be photographed.
You can use this method to check your room:
When you enter into the room, turn off the lights,
and close the curtains, open your phone camera ,
do not turn the flash light on.Turn around the
room with your cell phone.
When a red dot is found, that means that a
hidden web camera is installed. If no red dots, the
room is ok.
Please forward this message to your friends who
travel a lot or take business trips.

Can a Smartphone Really Give You an Orgasm?


The future of sex has arrived: Durex’s new digital
technology division prepares to announce mobile
technology breakthrough
The world’s number one sexual wellbeing brand Durex
hastoday revealedthat it hasdiversified into digital
technology ahead of a major product launchit claims
could revolutionise our sex lives.
Durexlabsis the company’s first significantstep into the
digital marketplace, with the division’s manifesto being
to embrace changing social behaviours and the
paradigm of intimacy and mobile technology.
Durexlabs will imminently announce what it describes
as its first game-changing product, a technological
breakthrough that will actually help users achieve an
orgasm. It was developed in partnership withtech
entrepreneurSusie Lee, CEO of Siren Mobile. One of the
leading lights in the world of mobile technology,
Lee’sexpertise as a biochemist, biophysicist and visual
artist have brought a fresh perspective on our evolving
relationships with mobile technology.
Richard Arnold, Head of Research and Development
Durex, says : “With our deep understanding of arousal
and the impulses involved, it was only natural for us to
look at how we could combine this with digital
“We took inspiration from modern habits and our ever
growing reliance on portable technology for virtually
everything in day to day life and our market research
has identified a genuine desire for this technology in
our sex lives.”
Susie Lee, CEO of dating app Siren, says : “It’s been
such an incredibly exciting process working with
Durexlabs. Through the proliferation of smart phones,
social media and dating apps, technology has proven a
hugely successful medium in bringing people together
and maintaining close relationships. With Durexlabs we
are taking the next vital step by embracing technology
to amplify human connection in the bedroom and
improve our sex lives.”
Durex is looking for beta testers around the world to be
the first to experience this new breakthrough. Anyone
can register their interest in advance for updates from
Durexlabs via where they will
receive a first look and free accessopportunity for a
limited period.

What to do if she turns down your marriage proposal


There is a lot you can do to reduce the chances of
rejection, and you should already have an idea of what
she is thinking before you pop the question.
It goes without saying that you wouldn’t have gone to
all the trouble of saving for a ring and planning the
perfect proposal » if you thought she was just going
to turn around and say “No”.
Yet, a marriage proposal is just that, a binary question
that can go either way. It doesn’t matter how many
gospel choirs you’ve hired or how perfect that mountain
vista is, you can never guarantee that things will work
out as you have planned.
Unfortunately (or fortunately in some cases), data
suggests that a growing number of women are turning
down marriage proposals from men who thought they
had it in the bag. This probably has more to do with
the ever increasing level of equality between men and
women – and the fact that sourcing a husband is no
longer the responsibility of one’s parents – than a
decline in the quality of us men-folk.
Of course there is a lot you can do to reduce the
chances of rejection and you should already have an
idea of what she is thinking before you pop the
question. Have you discussed your future together
already? Does she always stop and point out
engagement rings to you? Has she just come straight
out and demanded that you ask her to marry you?
Even so, a woman can be fickle at times and she is
free to make up her own mind and turn you down. This
doesn’t always mean that the relationship is destined
to terminate however, but it does indicate that there
are two distinct and divergent aspirations for your
relationship that will need addressing in a mature
How she responds to the proposal should be a good
indicator of whether or not the relationship is
salvageable. Hopefully she has reacted with enough
sensitivity to give an explanation for her rejection –
which broadly speaking should fall into one of the
following three camps:
1. No – Not right now: Ok, so she is not ready to get
married quite yet. She may be looking at this from
two different angles: that it is not the right time in
the relationship or it is not the right time in her life.
You could see the latter reason as more positive,
perhaps she feels she is too young to get married
or maybe she wants to focus on her career for a
while. Talk openly about what she wants for herself,
what did she have ‘planned’ and how do you fit into
those plans? If this is her only concern you should
try to talk the matter through and reach a sensible
conclusion about where to go from here – you may
even win her round and get her to reconsider. If she
thinks the time is not right in the relationship you
need to find out why you have differing opinions.
She may be concerned that you are not collectively
ready emotionally or financially or that you haven’t
been together long enough to ‘test’ your
compatibility. Through discussion you may discover
that you have completely polar outlooks on your
relationship – perhaps this is a cue to walk away.
2. No – I never want to get married: Believe it or not,
not all women have been dreaming of their wedding
day since they were six. For one reason or another,
your partner has decided that she does not want to
ever get married. Perhaps she disagrees with the
institution of marriage; perhaps she comes from a
broken home where marriage was not joyous or
celebrated. Whatever the reason you may not be
able to change her mind. Don’t wait around for
something that just isn’t ever going to happen. If
she still wants to be with you in a stable, loving
relationship that may have all the trappings of a
marriage but without the paperwork, then you have
to decide what you want. Are you OK with never
being a husband? Only you can answer that.
3. No – I don’t want to marry you: This is probably
the hardest reason to hear. Yes, she has always
dreamed of getting married, she even has a
scrapbook under the bed with magazine clippings
and colour swatches; its just that she doesn’t want
to marry you. At least you know where you stand
with this one and there is normally nothing left to
do but go your own separate ways. You should
certainly look on the bright side however as now
you have all that free time to spend searching for
the girl for whom you really will be mister right.
Don’t bottle it up
Whatever the reason for her rejection of your offer, you
shouldn’t stay quiet about it and let it get to you. After
you have sorted out what path you and your partner are
willing to travel – be it together or separately – you
should speak to your friends about what has happened.
They may have been in similar situations themselves
and be full of advice.
Getting turned down is not a cause for embarrassment
and you must not feel ashamed or foolish for trying.
Yes, it will undoubtedly hurt for some time – a long
time perhaps – but you will move on. If you do stay
together, who knows maybe she was right in her
reasoning and your relationship will go on to be
stronger than ever before. If you do break-up know that
it was definitely for the best and you should be glad it
happened sooner rather than later.
At least you won’t have to save for a ring again!

Blackberry Condemns Apple over iPhone 6 “Bending” saga


Since the report of the bending iphone 6
plus, Apple have been different technology companies.
Another shot is coming from Blackberry,
at an event on Wednesday in Toronto,
Blackberry CEO John Chen said “I would
challenge you guys to bend our
Passport,”. The passport is Blackberry’s
latest device.
Apple, who recently celebrated the sale
of 10
million units of the iPhone 6 and iPhone
6 plus which debuted last weekend, had
#bendgate issues to ponder about,
before recently releasing a statement.
“As we add more and more features, we
have to find out a way to break them
customers do. The bottom line is that if
use enough force to bend an iPhone, or
phone, it’s going to deform.” Dan Riccio,
Head of Apple Engineering.