BIG SHAME:As ​Edo State Lawmakers Wrestles Fiercely to remove Speaker

We brought you reports yesterday that The speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly, Justin Okonoboh, has been impeached by lawmakers at the Assembly on Monday in Benin City, the state capital.

In a video clip that has gone viral on the Internet, lawmakers of the Edo state were seen wrestling vigorously in a free for all fight.

According to reports, 19 members of the state House of Assembly impeached the Speaker of the House, Mr Justin Okonoboh, his deputy, Mrs Elizabeth Atvie and the Majority Leader of the House, Folly Ogedengbe for alleged abuse of office.

The lawmakers accused the Speaker of abuse of office, illegal award of contract and high handedness.

The lawmakers consequently elected the former Chief whip of the House, Mr Kabiru Adjoto, representing Akoko Edo constituency 1 as the new Speaker, Victor Edoror (Esan Central) was elected Deputy Speaker while Rolland Asoro (Orhiomwon South) was elected Majority Leader.

As it is now, the political tripod of the state has changed as Edo North now has the Speaker, Central district the Deputy while Edo South where Governor Obaseki hails from now has the Majority Speaker position.

“PHOTOS: Kidnappers’ den uncovered in Lagos, suspect set ablaze

Suspected kidnappers’ den was discovered on Tuesday around a canal at Obadeyi Ajala, Ijaiye end of the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway.

A highway sweeper with the Lagos State Waste Management Agency raised the alarm when she heard the voice of a woman calling for help from the canal.

A suspected kidnapper, who fled from the canal, was caught by a mob and set ablaze before the arrival of the police at the scene.” –

​Venezuela’s currency is so worthless that people don’t count it but weight it

The Inflation rate in Venezuela is predictable to be 720 % this year, with the biggest Bolivar bank note now to be valued at just US5 cents on the black market. Few shop cashiers reported that they have started weighing rather than counting the pack of cash which consumers offer to them, and normal size purse have become useless in the South American regions. Many citizens now carry a large amount of cash in handbags, money belts, or backpacks instead of wallets. The scene shows hyperinflation and its effects.

In 2014, the dropping international oil prices destroyed the economy of Venezuela. To fix the issue, President Nicolás Maduro reacted by altering the currency exchange rate and ordered banks to produce more money, which eventually undervalued the cash, while goods prices rose. Jesus Casique, a consulting company executive, told the news site that even this method of weighing cash was not very common everywhere, it was an indication of a monetary disaster. He said that when we start weighing cash instead of counting it shows the rise in inflation. It is worst that Venezuelans don’t realize how terrible it is because the authorities do not announce the facts and figures.

Humberto Gonzalez, who runs a meat and cheese selling shop in the city, said that he uses similar scales to weigh and assess pieces of salty white cheese and the tons of bills which consumers handed over to him. Mr. Gonzalez told Bloomberg that it is a very sad thing and at this point, he believes that the cheese values more. Oil accounts for an amazing 95% of the Venezuela’s exports, and one-fourth of the country’s economy, with the generated revenues fulfilling approximately half the government’s budget. This kind of dependency on only a single export discourages all the other businesses in the country and this is known by economists as Dutch Disease.

When the price of oil in the universal market distorted in 2014 by two-third, Venezuela had nothing much for its backup. So, an ordinary response would have been for the Bolivar to fall. But Mr. Maduro, who died in 2013, as a substitute attempted to alter the exchange rate, generating a gigantic black market for money. Buying dollars and selling them for Bolivars set a feedback loop which increases inflation. The 42-year-old owner of a small newspaper kiosk told that he gently fills a plastic bag with his daily income, approximately 100,000 Bolivar (around £42) in notes of 10, 20, 50 and 100 Bolivars. Venezuela has one of the highest crime rates and he is afraid to lose his money while carrying to another place.

The ATM machines need to be refilled every 4 hours. The value of money dropped to the ground. Bremmer Rodrigues, the owner of a bakery, said that it is difficult to manage his daily hundreds of bills. He hides the cash in his office, stacks in cartons to carry it to the bank. He said if anyone sees him like this, he might be misguided for a drug trader.

Shocking !!! See what these women go through just to become pregnant

The agony of a woman not having a child can not be quantified by any measurement in the world, so no one can blame these women for going the extra mile to ensure they are also called mothers.

This is the story of dozens of women in Indian who are desperately looking for a child as they allow ‘God-men’ to trample over them. Tribal women in Andhra Pradesh, southern India, have performed this ritual for generations during the annual festival of Ekadashi, during the month of July.

Panic as sheep delivers human-like lamb [See Photo]

Residents of South District of the Ashanti Region have been thrown into panic over the delivery of a human-like lamb in the area.

The strange birth had forced the traditional authority to schedule special rituals in order to cleanse the land of possible curse.

Chief of the predominantly farming community, Nana Druye Adarkwa the second, called for the creature to his palace minutes after it was delivered on Saturday.

The chiefs and the people were in serious panic that the presence of the creature could bring calamity to the community.

Nana Druye Adarkwa the second told Nhyira FM that the creature cannot be taken for an ordinary sheep.

According to him, “the lamb has eyes, eyebrows, mouth and nose which look like a human being.

“The rituals will mitigate any bad omen that may befall him and his people.”

Nana Druye added that he had since sent emissary to search for the owner of the sheep, pending performance of the rituals.

​Lady Slaps Man For Trying To Put His Fingers Into Her Private Part In A Bus

An elderly man received more than he bargained for in a commercial bus after he tried to finger a young lady.

According to Facebook user Damilola Oduolowu who shared the story, the incident took place this morning in Lagos while on his road to work from Ikorodu.

He wrote:


My journey from Ikorodu to work everyday is always not interesting cos of the hours i spend in traffic.

Taking public transport, i enjoy boarding BRT (Blue bus or some times Red bus). No one to disturb your peace, i just plug in my earpiece to watch a movie, listen to music or in most cases, read or write. TATA (White) bus is a

‘No No’ for me because it stinks and that’s where you find all sorts of things.

The naturally loudspeaker voiced self-acclaimed marketers who sell herbal mixtures that cure tens of diseases won’t just allow you rest. All the drama of this life happen on the TATA bus, sometimes formerly called ‘Ise Oluwa’ bus.

That’s why I always prefer the Red BRT whenever i cannot queue for the Blue one. Of course with the mindset that i would be in traffic for about 2hours. Most times it is always the same time you spend queueing for the Blue one so what’s the point wasting my energy to queue for that long.

So this morning, i decided to board the Red one. This is assumed and expected to be saner than the drama stage called TATA. No advert, No babalawo, No preaching and so on.

I took my seat as the ticketer/conductor called in passengers. We moved and gradually approached the massive standstill traffic.

Few minutes later, we all on the bus started hearing slaps in sequence, accompanied with a female voice. We all looked to the direction of the latest drama. Honestly, i thought i had seen it all before. It was from about 3 seats behind me. A man who was sitting beside a good looking chic was being slapped by her angrily. His guilt look was like that of a child who was caught stealing meat from a pot.

Ha! Surprisingly, we tried to understand the reason why this lady kept slapping the poor older man.

He was trying to finger me, mad man! He slid his two fingers into my skirt! She said (in Yoruba language).

Words failed me.

The man received almost a hundred of slaps as passengers (mostly guys) close to the seat registered their annoyance on his face. He was pushed away and punished to join standing passengers.

With a disdainful look, everyone started to discuss the issue.

(Both in Yoruba and English) That’s a bad attitude! He is a disgrace to men! Maybe he is not normal!

And the argument took another shape when some said; ‘He must have been seduced into acting that way, check out what the lady is wearing’.

It went worse when someone said the man might be a ritualist, a baddo.

Ermmmm…. Really? Okay, let me just keep hearing the arguments cos i won’t judge anyone. Could this be agro? I asked myself, laughing as i chatted to a friend about it on WhatsApp.

Soon, slaps resumed on the man. His eyes turned red already and he was looking like he’s going to die. I had to advise him; bros just go down and enter another bus if you don’t want a coma.

If someone told me this story, i wouldn’t have believed. What could this be? I don’t understand at all.

And one question remains accurately unanswered in my mind, Is this ‘Agro’, Seduction or Lunacy?

38 Virgins Killed In Bus Crash On Their Way To ‘Topless’ Dance Festival For King Of Swaziland


Dozens of virgin girls and young women were killed as
they traveled to the traditional festival where the King
of Swaziland is know to pick a new bride from
thousands of topless, dancing virgins.
The tragic accident, which happened along the MR3
Highway, Mahhala, involved two trucks, which were
ferrying maidens and a sedan.
According to Times of Swaziland, at least 38 of them
died when the open-topped truck collided with another
vehicle, before being hit by a second truck as it
travelled along a motorway between the Swazi cities of
Mbabane and Manzini on Friday afternoon.
The girls were all taking part in the Swazi Reed Dance
Festival, an annual event which sees tens of thousands
of unmarried girls – or ‘maidens’ – perform for King
Mswati III.
Last year, he plucked a 19-year-old virgin from the
dancing maidens, who became his 14th wife.
According to witnesses, traffic police officers pulled-over
a Toyota van along the highway and that was when the
first truck failed to avoid hitting the car as it smashed
into the Toyota’s rear. This caused the pile up as the
second truck crashed onto the truck which also had the
excited maidens on board.
One of the maidens who survived the accident, in an
interview with the Swazi News, confirmed the account
of some of the witnesses.
“We were about 50 on board the first truck that
smashed into the Toyota van and was crashed from the
rear by the other truck which was driving behind ours,”
Siphelele Sigudla (18) said.
Rights group The Swaziland Solidarity Network (SSN)
has now called on the royal family to reconsider going
ahead with the festival, which sees about 40,000
participating in the eight-day ceremony.
The girls and young women sing and dance, often bare-
breasted, as they bring reeds to reinforce the windbreak
around the royal residence, a government website said.
‘We hope that the families of the deceased girls will hold
the royal family accountable for the deaths of their
children,’ the group said in a statement, as it alleged a
similar incident had been covered up previously.’The
least that the royal family can do at this moment is to
cancel this year’s reed dance.’
But the King has already sent his condolences.
‘We all have heard about the dark cloud that has
befallen the ‘imbali,” he said, using the Swati language
word for flower, used to refer to the groups of women
He promised that the affected families would be